Golden Root: A Safe Alternative to the Blue Pill?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the sexual benefits of golden root complex and want to try it yourself; you might even be a repeat customer – but buyer beware! Without realising, you could be splashing out on something that’s not even worth the plastic it’s wrapped in.


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You’ve probably heard of the amazing results golden root can have, but in reality the majority of products on the market get mixed reviews, with many users suffering negative side effects (often without experiencing any of the benefits). The primary cause of this is substandard, ineffective supplements – a real risk when the bulk of golden root pills are made overseas, where companies can manufacture them in large quantities for only a few pence and avoid the quality assurance that UK products are required to undergo. As a result, it’s all too easy to purchase cheap, imitation goods that have no effect and leave you more deflated than ever.

With so many choices of brand and price tag available to the unsuspecting buyer, though, how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal? Luckily, we have the answer.

What is Golden Root

Golden root complex, sometimes referred to as Rhodiola Rosea after its core component, is listed as a natural alternative to the little blue pill, Viagra. The Rhodiola plant grows in Arctic climates and has been used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine to treat a range of issues including stress relief and altitude sickness.

In recent years a derivative of the plant, also known by the same name, has found popularity with those who experience difficulties or unreliable results when physically intimate. Like the infamous blue pill, it is designed to promote and stimulate sexual organs in order to increase pleasure and prolong performance, making it a tempting choice for anyone suffering with erectile dysfunction or those looking to spice things up in the bedroom. It is intended for both men and women, whether simply to further heighten arousal and enjoyment of sexual contact, or to initiate physical responses to desire – essentially offering similar results to Viagra through natural, herbal ingredients.

Can you actually trust Golden Root from a “safe to take” perspective?

For those put off by the chemical composition of Viagra, the golden root complex might sound an ideal alternative – but before you dash off to pick up a pack, consider this: the lack of chemical contents means it does not require a prescription – but equally it does not require testing, quality assurance or licensing by any registered authority. Therefore when you buy golden root, you have no guarantee that what you purchase has been manufactured in a safe, hygienic environment, nor that it contains what the label on the box says.

Most cheap supplements end up with simple placebo ingredients, which at worst have little to no effect on physical performance – but sometimes companies can add in chemicals which can have a dangerous impact on unwitting users. In July 2016, the FDA (the U.S. Food & Drug Administration) issued a warning about unlicensed and unregulated golden root complex capsules which contained undisclosed amounts of sildenafil – the active drug in Viagra. It is this drug which makes Viagra unsuitable for those with high blood pressure and other related health issues – and could cause considerable harm to anyone unwittingly taking it.

The FDA’s concerns are with the quality and suitability of golden root products coming primarily from China, where the manufacture and sale of such goods is not subject to the same standards of advertising or hygienic production that exist in the UK. Consequently, buyers are utterly oblivious as to whether the product they intend to consume has been made using the ingredients listed, has been handled, stored and transported in a suitable manner, or even works in the way it is supposed to – in addition to the health risks they run by taking an unregulated health product.

Australia makes the supply of Golden Root illegal

The Australian Government’s Department of Health has also issued a warning that golden root poses ‘a serious risk to your health’, and indeed the supply of it has been outlawed, following their own issues with inferior and defective products being brought into the country.

Need to know your safest options?

Luckily, there is one product on the market that avoids the downfalls of both golden root and Viagra.

MaXXX sexual enhancement supplements work in an almost identical way – using natural ingredients instead of drugs. However, unlike other products on the market, MaXXX capsules are manufactured here in the UK under strict guidelines for hygiene. What’s more, they’ve been approved by the MHRA (the UK Government agency responsible for ensuring new medicinal products adhere to industry standards) as being safe for human consumption – meaning they’re not packed full of pointless, useless or harmful substances.

What does that mean for you as a consumer? It means you can take MaXXX products in the full knowledge that they’ve been produced in a safe and hygienic manner; that they don’t contain any additional ingredients to those listed on the pack; and that they aren’t going to produce any harmful effects. Their provenance is also fully traceable, so you know exactly where they’ve come from.

Of course, these guarantees of safety do come with a higher price tag. Standards are expensive to adhere to – which is why so many companies choose to outsource from China or build their factories in places where regulation is much less strict. For a summer t-shirt, skimping on quality as well as cost might be fine – but when it’s something you’re going to physically consume, and which will have a direct impact on your body and hormones, those standards really matter.

MaXXX supplements come in three different ways – Ultimate Blue for men, using renowned performance enhancing goji berries, guarana and caffeine; Vishagra Pink for women, capturing the astonishing aphrodisiac effect of oysters; and Vegan Gold, containing Tribulus Terrestric, Maca and Damania ingredients for the best formula yet.

Why not just use the blue pill?

Prescription medication for sexual enhancement has been on the market for years, so it’s well-known. However, results can vary dramatically, with some users experiencing little to no improvement in performance, and with prescription costs increasing year on year, the price of sexual satisfaction keeps on going up, even if other things don’t. Furthermore it’s a topic that many people find uncomfortable to talk about, so there are many people suffering in silence because they don’t want to ask their GP about the issue.

MaXXX supplements offer all the same benefits with none of the awkward questions – and because they’re a natural alternative to a chemical product (which the human body can become impervious to), you can be more confident of continuing performance.

Get MaXXX results with maximum satisfaction

For anyone experiencing embarrassment or discomfort at a lack of sexual performance, but who is unwilling to pursue prescription drugs, MaXXX supplements offer a truly worthwhile alternative. The natural, herbal ingredients offer peace of mind and, thanks for their certified UK-manufacture, you’re sure of getting a quality product which can offer exceptional results for both men and women. Don’t get swept up by the complex hype around golden root, and don’t put your health – and sexual wellbeing – at risk. Spend wisely, and reap the benefits night after nigh

MaXXX supplements come in three different ways – Ultimate Blue for men, using renowned performance enhancing goji berries, guarana and caffeine; Vishagra Pink for women, capturing the astonishing aphrodisiac effect of oysters; and Vegan Gold, containing Tribulus Terrestric, Maca and Damania ingredients for the best formula yet.

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